Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Skints @ The Peel, Kingston, 21st October 2010

Bit late posting this one, again! My bad!

With support from Random Hand, Mouthwash and JB Conspiracy

We arrived just as JB Conspiracy's set was coming to an end, but what we saw was bouncy, energetic ska-punk with driving horn sections. Strong melodies ran throughout but we didn't really see enough of their set to get a feel for them. Hopefully catch them again soon. 3/5

Mouthwash are on next, and they kick off with a decidedly 'old-school' tune, 'Drop the Bomb' from their 2001 Hellcat debut '1000 Stories', which whips the now-packed Peel into a frenzy. The majority of the material played is from second album, 'True Stories', arguably their more well-known release, which after a “Is everyone up for a good dance?” from vocalist Nipa gets us all skanking away gleefully. At one point Josh from the Skints appears on stage to adlib some reggae-style rapping, which blends in with the song so well you'd presume it was on the record. Definitely one of the tightest and most enjoyable bands on the London scene, Mouthwash deserve to be massive. To be fair, they're well on their way. 5/5

Second support Random Hand play their own fired-up brand of ska-punk & hardcore, with singer/trombone player Robin splitting the crowd up into girls & guys, before instigating huge circle pits from the two groups. Leaping into the fray himself, Robin crowdsurfs trombone in hand, which prompts guitarist Matthew to leap in as well, almost losing his guitar in the process! Certainly the most intense band on the bill, these social-political Yorkshire guys definitely know how to tear it up. 4/5

Headliners The Skints are hotly anticipated by the time their slot comes around. Having played an intimate acoustic performance at Banquet Records earlier that day, they appear just as excited about the show as the eager crowd. Their blinding take on reggae-dub-punk has been building a decent following for a while, aided by some hardcore touring and straight up amazing tunes. Every time I catch them live they seem to have somehow got even tighter, with multi-instrumentalist Marcia taking centre stage alternating between keys, flute, melodica and vocals. Her sweet, melodic voice backs up Josh and insanely-talented drummer Jamie's reggae-rap vocals, while bassist Jonathan grins away through the smooth dub basslines. Smart, talented and with a good ear for a tune, The Skints represent the very forefront of London's underground ska-punk scene, wearing the rich musical influences of the capital proudly on their sleeves. 5/5

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  1. sencond time seeing the Skints that night, and they were sooooooooooo good it's not funny. Great atmosphere and refreshing to be in a place were the group and the bands are all boppin together!