Friday, 22 May 2009

I Know Who Killed Me (Chris Sivertson, 2007)

Having notoriously gained eight 'Razzies' including 'Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie', the distributors decided to market this film solely on the fact that Lindsey Lohan plays a stripper, plastering decidingly un-sexy stills of her writhing around on a pole all over the UK release DVD case. In doing this they abort possibly it's strongest asset - its theatrical release poster.

While drawing obvious comparisons to Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect in its colours scheme and design, it highlights the features boldest idea, its colour theme, the deep blues appearing throughout, picked up nicely by some interesting post-production colour saturation. However the blue objects and backgrounds become so prevailant throughout the film that they become meaningless, appearing in virtually every scene. The end result gives the impression that the set designer spent the entire budget on blue items from Ikea then scattereed them about the sets. The strip-club scenes are bathed in a blood red, reminiscent of Dario Argento's Giallo and horror features, but rather than conveying mood and atmosphere, the scenes succeed only in slapping you in the face with their symbolism - 'look out! red is passion and danger!'.

There is little else of positive note, with the plot being recycled and derivitive one minute, then entirely confusing and convoluted the next. The killer is revealed as a character barely introduced at the start of the film, with his motive being so pathetic you begin to suspect his backstory was left on the cutting room floor. Unconvincing, unmotivated acting round off the package, with incapable directing and ropey effects thrown in for good measure.

Fully deserving of it's reputation.
Rating -
1 / 10

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